Try It Truck

BADM is excited to officially launch the Try It Truck, an engineering lab-on-wheels that travels directly to schools, libraries, and community organizations throughout the Bay Area to provide hands-on early engineering experiences to young learners. Try It Truck programming introduces children in grades kindergarten through fifth grade to the engineering design process and high- and low-tech tools while encouraging them to take risks and try new ideas. We offer two types of Try It Truck programs, which vary based on number of workshops and group size.

Registration for 2018-2019 programs will open in early September.
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Engineering Extravaganza

Young engineers explore a series of hands-on stations featuring engineering challenges and a variety of tools, from hand tools (such as hammers and pliers) to high-tech tools (such as a laser cutter and 3-D printer). Through individual and collaborative activities both on and off the Try It Truck, students learn about the engineering design process as they creatively solve problems using math and science.

Availability: Monday – Friday; Offered September – December and February – June

Grade Levels: Kindergarten – 5th grade

Timing: Sessions are 75 minutes in length

Group Size: Each session can accommodate 2-3 classrooms

2 sessions (4-6 classrooms)         $1,150
3 sessions (7-9 classrooms)         $1,350

Additional mileage fee will apply to programs more than 40 miles away from the museum.

Not a school? For information regarding library and community programming, please contact us at

Fall Engineering Extravaganza (Grades K – 5)
Students solve challenges centered upon life science NGSS standards.

Spring Engineering Extravaganza (Grades K – 5)
Students solve challenges centered upon physical science NGSS standards.


BADM would like to thank 100kin10 for its partnership, providing the foundational funding and support to research, develop, and pilot the Try It Truck.

We also thank the following visionary funders whose support has helped launch the Try It Truck and is ensuring its future impact:

Visionary Funders:

  • Cisco Foundation
  • Colocation America
  • Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation
  • The Eucalyptus Foundation
  • Jocelyn and Brian Herndon, in loving memory of Marjorie Nicholson
  • Kinder Morgan Foundation
  • The Levchin Family
  • National Center for Civic Innovation
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • Qatalyst Partners
  • The Smart Family Foundation

Our Advisory Board provided constructive feedback and support along the way. We are grateful to them for sharing their valuable time with us.

The Advisory Board:

  • Tricia Berry, Director of Women in Engineering Program, University of Texas-Austin
  • Shelley Goldman, Professor, Stanford University
  • Richard Kennedy, Senior Principal, James Corner Field Operations
  • Sherry Lassiter, President & CEO, The Fab Foundation
  • Kate Martin, Engineer, Chevron
  • Amon Millner, Associate Professor of Computing & Innovation, Olin College of Engineering
  • Emily Pilloton, Founder & Executive Director, Project H Design and Girls Garage
  • Kiki Prottsman, Education Manager,
  • AnnMarie Thomas, Founder & Director, Playful Learning Lab at University of St. Thomas

And finally, a huge thank you to our pilot school partners. Without these students, families, and teachers, this project would not be a reality.

Pilot School Partners: 

  • Aspire Monarch Academy in Oakland, CA
  • Bayshore Elementary School in Daly City, CA
  • Bayside Martin Luther King Jr. Academy in Marin City, CA
  • Caliber Beta Academy in Richmond, CA
  • Caliber Changemakers Academy in Vallejo, CA
  • E.M. Downer Elementary School in Richmond, CA
  • Inverness Elementary School in Inverness, CA
  • Los Cerritos Elementary School in South San Francisco, CA
  • Manzanita Community School in Oakland, CA
  • Napa Junction Elementary School in Napa Junction, CA

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